This is a brilliant discourse on the nature of consciousness - a topic that is almost incomprehensible to many thus, the ongoing debate around it. Its content is well suited to design a seminar or a course for those interested: I would happily register to attend... From my humble perspective, the interaction between the subjects in the physical space and those in the metaphysical space by way of time presented in this article is enlightening. Perhaps more on this particular point will be made available by Hehe in the near future.

I also wonder about connections between his view on consciousness and that of Bernard Lonergan S.J.’s:

“Consciousness and Self-knowledge: Where knowing is a structure, knowing knowing must be a reduplication of the structure. Thus if knowing is just looking, then knowing knowing will be looking at looking. But if knowing is a conjunction of experience, understanding, and judging, then knowing knowing has to be a conjunction of (1) experiencing experience, understanding and judging, (2) understanding one’s experience of experience, understanding, and judging, and (3) judging one’s understanding of experience, understanding, and judging to be correct. On the latter view there follows at once a distinction between consciousness and self-knowledge. Self-knowledge is the reduplicated structure: it is experience, understanding, and judging with respect to experience, understanding, and judging. Consciousness, on the other hand, is not knowing knowing but merely experience of knowing, experience, that is, of experiencing, of understanding, and of judging.

[From Bernard Lonergan, Collection, vol. 3 of The Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan, University of Toronto Press, 1988, 205–221]


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